Safety Tips

  Cyber Sefety

  • Don't share your ATM PIN with anyone.
  • Always use incognito mode in cyber cafe.

  Road Cross Safety 1

  • STOP one step back from the kerb or shoulder of the road if there is no footpath. 
  • LOOK in all directions for approaching traffic. 
  • LISTEN in all directions for approaching traffic. 
  • THINK about whether it is safe to cross the road – when the road is clear or all traffic has stopped.

  Road Cross Safety 2

  • Whenever possible, cross at a pedestrian crossing, traffic signal or pedestrian refuge.
  • Make sure you have a clear view of approaching traffic, and where drivers can see you.
  • If you cannot cross the whole road in one attempt, wait on the pedestrian refuge or median strip.

  LPG Safety Tips

  • Keep the windows open to ventilate your kitchen.
  • Do not place flammable or plastic items near the flame.
  • Never leave your cooking unattended. The cooking vessel could overflow and extinguish the burners, causing gas to leak.
  • Close the regulator knob to OFF position when cylinder is not in use.

  Fire Safety Tips

  • Install smoke alarms on every level of your home, inside bedrooms and outside sleeping areas.
  • Test smoke alarms every month. ...
  • Talk with all family members about a fire escape plan and practice the plan twice a year.
  • If a fire occurs in your home, GET OUT, STAY OUT and CALL FOR HELP.